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Supergirl: The Movie The director's cut analysis

In the summer of 2000, Anchor Bay released Supergirl on DVD. The feature presented on the regular DVD is the international cut, featuring 10 minutes of footage not seen by U.S.A audiences until the VHS release in 1999.
Also, a 2 Disc limited edition DVD of Supergirl was released - Containing everything from the regular DVD and a 138 minute Director's cut, found in the Canal plus vaults.

14 minutes was added to the director's cut, which had remained unseen by the majority of the Supergirl fans, I say majority because, this long version was shown TWICE in the U.K. -- It was first shown on ITV on the 9th January 1988 at 7:15pm and finished at midnight and again on Christmas Eve 1989 on ITV/LWT. ITV cut out the sequence where Supergirl lands in Chicago and the advancements of the two lecherous men; considered to be too risque for the time and probably the timeslot.

The footage is presented in its original widescreen ratio 2.35:1, but the soundtrack is presented in mono. It's thought that the director's cut was actually prepared for television by the producers, the Salkinds. As with the previous Superman films, the producers were charging TV stations by the minute. It's unknown why this version of the film was never presented for syndication.

Below is an analysis of this footage and screenshots, which will identify the additions to the film. There were also some deletions in the Director's cut. For the purpose of this document, I have used the process of placing in the DVD runtimes of the footage to benefit those who have the disc in their possession. For example 01:46:48 would represent 1 hour, 46 minutes and 48 seconds into the film.



(1) 00:03:09 - 00:03:31 - After the initial aerial shot of Argo city, a small group of people can be seen assembled who appear to be mediating. A few seconds into the shot is the arrival of Kara.



(2) 00:03:45 - 00:03:55 - There is a shot of a teacher taken a class of young children, asking them questions in relation to Kryptonian science.
The scene would begin in the theatrical cut with Lara saying "Sorry".



(3) 00:04:00 - 00:04:10 - Unlike the theatrical cut, where we immediately follow a shot of Kara crossing a bridge, the class scene continues. This shot begins after the teacher says "Leah". Leah answers the question in a complicated manner. The teacher's reply "Well maybe that was a bit too easy!"



(4) 00:06:56 - 00:07:03 - Small extra dialogue with Mia Farrow calling Kara.


(5) 00:11:39 - 00:11:53 - Short 15 second sequence after Zaltar says "Forever", where he crosses the bridge in sombre mood. A walk of shame.



(6) 00:14:01 - 00:14:20 - Selena tells Nigel not to call her "sweetness". Here is the extra dialogue.
Selena: Don't call me your sweetness. I am not sweet. I am Selena. And I am a bitter, bitter pill to swallow.
The scene continues as it does in the theatrical with Nigel saying "Holy Cow!"


(7) 00:22:07 - 00:23:23 - There is more extra dialogue between Selena and Bianca after Selena says "The World is my Oyster".



(8) 00:22:07 - 00:23:23 - There is more extra dialogue between Selena and Bianca after Selena says "The World is my Oyster".

Selena: If I can figure this thing out?
Bianca: Oh would you mind letting me in on this, you know unexpected bit of good luck or whatever it is?
Selena: Bad luck! I have been chosen. The powers of darkness may have at long last come to their senses.
Bianca: You want to hear some bad luck. The phone company says unless we don't pay this bill today, they are turning the phone off.
Selena: (Uninterested) Shut up! Shut up! Learn something for a change.



Selena then places her hands onto the Omegahedron. She appears to be attempting to cook a chicken.



Bianca: Oh my God! Are you doing that? It's a trick, right? It's a trick! I think it's done! Selena, I think it's done! (Bianca watches on as Selena overcooks the chicken and runs to the refrigerator and makes a grab for some cold milk, pouring it over the food). Oh my God!
Selena: It's gonna take a little practice!