Batgirl and Supergirl Halloween Comic by Mike Maihack

Mike Maihack is holding an auction for some original BATGIRL/SUPERGIRL art.

“Reminder that my BATGIRL/SUPERGIRL art auction ends tomorrow. And it’s still very affordable! Even if you can’t bid, please help me spread the word. The success of stuff like this helps pave the time to draw more. :)”

Mike Maihack

Here is the final color version of the new Halloween themed comic. While this isn’t available for purchase at the moment, Mike regularly puts his BATGIRL/SUPERGIRL prints up for limited time sales around holidays and other times, so be sure to follow his twitter or tumblr to be notified when that happens. I hope to someday add this one to my collection of Mike’s brilliant BATGIRL/SUPERGIRL comics. They look lovely framed :)