Supergirl: Maid of Might is a fansite focused on the comic book versions of Supergirl prior to the 2011 “New 52” reboot of the DCU.

There have been numerous versions of Supergirl as DC Comics rebooted and retconned the DC Universe over the years. Supergirl has appeared in animation, video games, spin-off books, a 1984 feature film, and a TV series on The CW. Kara Zor-El first appeared in Action Comics #252 in 1959, and has been a popular character ever since — even after she died and was replaced by other characters who took on the Supergirl mantle during the 1980s-1990s.

Power Girl


Power Girl is Supergirl’s counterpart from the alternate universe world of Earth 2. She’s a few years older than Supergirl and has a more cocky persona. Power Girl replaced Earth 2’s Superman when he retired from the Justice Society of America. In the New 52 universe Power Girl’s backstory has been revised (she is the former Supergirl of Earth 2) and she is teamed with Huntress (former Robin of Earth 2).

Kara Zor-El is Superman’s teenage cousin from Argo City, which survived Krypton’s destruction intact and protected by a barrier which maintained its atmosphere. When the city’s inhabitants began to fall prey to the deadly Kryptonite radiation emanating from their planetoid, Kara’s parents Alura and Zor-El constructed a rocket for their teenage daughter to escape their city’s doom. Kara reunited with her cousin Kal-El on Earth and took on the mantle of Supergirl. In time Kara reunited with her parents after discovering they were still alive, having been trapped by Brainiac with other Kryptonian survivors in the bottled city of Kandor.