Supergirl (1982 series) Collected Editions

Daring New Adventures of Supergirl Vol. 1 (of 2)

On sale July 19, 2016
List price $19.99 USD / $23.99 CAD

Collects issues #1-12, first published 1982-1983.

Disguised as the brilliant brown-haired college student Linda Danvers, Supergirl sets out from the safety of Metropolis to see her adopted country for herself. From the streets of Chicago to the hills of San Francisco, she encounters loyal new friends and powerful new foes, astounding new discoveries and terrifying new dangers. Looks like this is a job for…Supergirl!

Daring New Adventures of Supergirl Vol. 2 (of 2)

On sale July 18, 2017
List price $24.99 USD / $33.99 CAD

Collects issues #13-23, first published 1983-1984.

In these stories, Supergirl battles Blackstar, meets the off-beat Ambush Bug, and faces Superman’s foes the Parasite and the Kryptonite Man.

Possible Future Collections

Supergirl: The Bronze Age Vol. 1

A solicitation for a Bronze Age omnibus briefly appeared on Amazon prior to the solicitation of the second Silver Age Omnibus. The contents were listed as including Adventure Comics #397-402 and 404-424, Supergirl #1-11 and Superman Family #165 with the following description:

Supergirl enters the 1970s as a college student and full-fledged super-hero. Declaring her independence from her cousin, Superman, the Girl of Steel enrolls in college, where she finds new dangers as well as her first romances. These stories include appearances by Zatanna, Prez, and other DC characters.

The entry is no longer searchable on Amazon, but its existence indicates potential consideration for a follow-up to the Silver Age collections. All of the issues (except for Superman Family #165) have been digitized for Comixology, but they are only scans of the original issues, so the restoration work may still need to be done.