Adventures of Supergirl #1 is out tomorrow. Here’s how to get it.

Adventures of Supergirl 01 Cover

Cover art by Cat Staggs

The first chapter of the Adventures of Supergirl comic book based on the Supergirl TV series is being released tomorrow, and I’m already seeing positive responses from people who’ve received early review copies:

Each chapter of the first 13-chapter series will be released online and then collected in a trade paperback to be published in August 2016.

If you’ve never bought digital comics before, it couldn’t be easier. The main distributor is Comixology. If you want to view only DC Comics, is the DC brand-specific site powered by Comixology. It shares the same account system.

You can read comics in fullscreen mode on the Comixology/ReadDCEntertainment web site, and there is also a Comixology Comics app for Android and iOS devices. The ideal way to experience digital comics is on a tablet that’s 10″ or larger. Comics look amazing backlit.

Edited to update: The series is now available in print. The trade paperback collection will be released Sep 27, 2016 and is available to pre-order from Amazon.

TV Insider spoke with writer Sterling Gates about his plans for the series:

“We’re telling a story that takes place in the Supergirl TV universe. The goal is to expand Supergirl’s world in a way that the TV show might not have the time or the budget to do, and we’re including different villains that the TV show isn’t going to explore.”

To ensure that his Adventures are in sync with the TV show, Gates is working closely with the showrunners of the CBS superhero drama. “Andrew Kreisberg and Ali Adler have been excellent in helping to steer the ship of the comic, just as they’re steering the show,” he says.“They’ve really great to work with. I’ve gone up to their offices, I’ve met with their writers. We all want to be on the same page and deliver great stories within that world.”

Some of those villains include Rampage, Vril Dox (aka Brainiac 2), and Psi. I’m really excited about seeing Psi and Vril Dox again! These are all characters with a previous connection to Supergirl:

CBS has shared preview panels from the first issue:

Interior art by Bengal

Interior art by Bengal