Supergirl (1972 series) Issues

Supergirl #1 November 1972
“Trail of the Madman!”
Supergirl #2 January 1973
“Death of a City!”
Supergirl #3 February 1973
“The Garden of Death!”
Supergirl #4 March 1973
“The Borrowed Brain!”
Supergirl #5 June 1973
“The Devil’s Brother!”
Supergirl #6 August 1973
“– In Love and War!”
Supergirl #7 October 1973
“The Sinister Snowman!”
Action Comics #429 November 1973
“The Man Who Wrote Superman’s Obituary!” [guest]
Supergirl #8 November 1973
“A Head-Full of Snakes!”
Supergirl #9 Dec/Jan 1973
“The Super-Amazon!”
Superboy #200 Jan/Feb 1974
“The Legionnaire Bride of Starfinger!” [guest]
Supergirl #10 Sep/Oct 1974**
“Death of a Prez!”
“Her Brother’s Keeper!”

** The release of the last issue was delayed for several months due to a nationwide paper shortage: “In the wake of a nationwide paper shortage, DC canceled several of its lower-selling titles in late 1973…[Supergirl #10] and three other completed comic books slated for release in November 1973 (Secret Origins #7, Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #137, and Weird Worlds #10) were put on hold until the summer of 1974.” – Wells, John (October 24, 1997), “‘Lost’ DC: 1971-1975”, Comics Buyer’s Guide, p. 125. Sourced from Wikipedia.