Superman Family (1974 series) Issues

Superman Family was an amalgamation of Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane; Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen, and the short-lived Supergirl series. The first issue, #164, continued the numbering from the longest-running title, Jimmy Olsen.

Additional serials included “The Private Life of Clark Kent”, in which Clark Kent had adventures in which he did not become Superman, and “Mr. and Mrs. Superman”, featuring stories about the married Clark Kent and Lois Lane of Earth 2, both of which ran first in Superman. Occasional stories about Krypto, the Kryptonian heroes Nightwing and Flamebird, and Superboy rounded out the anthology.

The series began as a reprint collection with one new story per issue. For issues #164-182, the three leads rotated new stories with reprints from other characters’ previous series. The book switched to all-new material starting with issue #182. Superman Family ran from 1974 to 1982 and unsurprisingly became one of the best-selling books of the era together with the companion anthology title Batman Family.

This is the only Supergirl series that has not yet been reprinted and/or digitized by DC Comics.

Superman Family #165 Jun/Jul 1974
“Princess of the Golden Sun!”
Superboy #204 Sep/Oct 1974
“Brainiac 5’s Secret Weakness!” [guest]
Superman #282 December 1974
“The Loneliest Man in the Universe!” [guest]
Superman Family #168 Dec/Jan 1974
“The Girl with the See-Through Mind!”
Superman Family #171 Jun/Jul 1975
“Cleopatra, Queen of America!”
Superman Family #174 Dec/Jan 1975
“Eyes of the Serpent!”
Superman Family #177 Jun/Jul 1976
“Bride of the Stars!”
Justice League of America #132 July 1976
“The Beasts Who Fought Like Men!” [guest]
Justice League of America #134 September 1976
“The Battle at the Edge of Forever!” [guest]
Superman Family #180 November 1976
“The Secret of the Spell-Bound Supergirl!”
Superman #307 January 1977
“Krypton — No More!” [guest]
Superman #308 February 1977
“This Planet is Mine!” [guest]
Superman #309 March 1977
“Blind Hero’s Bluff!” [guest]
Superman Family #182 Mar/Apr 1977
“The Deadly Treasure of Mars!”
Adventure Comics #450 Mar/Apr 1977
“Return to Destiny!” [guest]
Superman Family #183 May/Jun 1977
“Shadows of Phantoms!”
Superman #312 June 1977
“Today the City… Tomorrow the World!” [guest]
Super-Team Family #11 Jun/Jul 1977
“The Other Side of Doomsday!”
Superman #313 July 1977
“The Only Way You’ll Save the Earth… is Over My Dead Body!” [guest]
Superman Family #184 Jul/Aug 1977
“The Visitors from the Void”
Action Comics #473 July 1977
“The Great Phantom Peril!” [guest]
Superman #314 August 1977
“Before This Night is Over, Superman Will Kill!” [guest]
Superman #315 September 1977
“Good Evening, Superman — I’m Clark Kent… and You’re Not!” [guest]
Superman Family #185 Sep/Oct 1977
“The Voodoo Machine!”
Superman Family #186 Nov/Dec 1977
“A Rendezvous with Reality!”
Superman Family #187 Jan/Feb 1978
“Birthright of Power!”
Superman Family #188 Mar/Apr 1978
“Kandor Vs Supergirl!”
Superman Family #189 May/Jun 1978
“Memories of Menace!”
All New Collectors’ Edition #C-58 1978
“When Earths Collide!”
[reprinted in Superman VS. Shazam! (2013)]
Superman Family #190 Jul/Aug 1978
Justice League of America #157 August 1978
“Till Doom Do Us Part!” [guest]
Superman Family #191 Sep/Oct 1978
“A Matter of Gravity!”
Superman Family #192 Nov/Dec 1978
“What Goes Up… Can’t Come Down!”
Action Comics #489 November 1978
“Krypton Dies Again!” [guest]
Superman Family #193 Jan/Feb 1979
“The Gravity War!”
World’s Finest Comics #255 Feb/Mar 1979
“Nothing But a Man” [cameo]
Brave and the Bold #147 February 1979
“Death-Scream from the Sky!”
Superman Family #194 Mar/Apr 1979
“Nightmare in New Athens!”
Superman Family #195 May/Jun 1979
“The Screamin’ Demon!”
Action Comics #496 June 1979
“Death Out of a Bottle!” [guest]
Superman Family #196 Jul/Aug 1979
“Displaced Double Identity”
Superman #338 August 1979
“Let My People Grow!” [guest]
Superman Family #197 Sep/Oct 1979
“The Man with the Eternity Hands!”
Action Comics #500 October 1979
“The Life Story of Superman” [guest]
Superman Family #198 Nov/Dec 1979
“The Cosmic Abduction!”
Action Comics #502 December 1979
“Fall and Rise of the Star-Child!” [guest]
Superman Family #199 Jan/Feb 1980
“The Case of the Cape Caper!”
Superman Family #200 Mar/Apr 1980
“Something Swims the Time Stream!”
Brave and the Bold #160 March 1980
“The Brimstone Connection!”
Superman Family #201 May/Jun 1980
“The Face on Cloud 9!”
Superman Family #202 Jul/Aug 1980
“The Dynamic Duel!”
Superman Family #203 Sep/Oct 1980
“The Supergirl from Planet Earth!”
Super Friends #37 October 1980
“Bad Weather for Supergirl!”
Superman Family #204 Nov/Dec 1980
“The Earthquake Enchantment!”
DC Comics Presents #28: Superman and Supergirl Dec 1980
DC Comics Presents #29: Superman and Spectre Jan 1981
“Where No Superman Has Gone Before” [guest]
Secrets of the Legion of Super-Heroes #1 Jan 1981
“The Past… Seen Darkly!” [guest]
Superman in “Victory by Computer” (1981)
Free promotional issue produced for Radio Shack [guest]
Superman Family #205 Jan/Feb 1981
“Magic Over Miami!”
Superman Family #206 Mar/Apr 1981
“Strangers at the Heart’s Core!”
Superman Family #207 May/Jun 1981
“Look Homeward, Argonian!”
Superman Family #208 July 1981
“The Super-Switch to New York!”
Superman Family #209 August 1981
“Strike Three — You’re Out!”
Krypton Chronicles #1 Sep 1981
“The Search for Superman’s Roots!”
Superman Family #210 September 1981
“The Spoil Sport of New York!”
Krypton Chronicles #2 Oct 1981
“Bring Back Yesterday!”
Superman Family #211 October 1981
“The Man with the Explosive Mind!”
Krypton Chronicles #3 Nov 1981
“The Race to Overtake the Past!”
Superman #365 November 1981
“When Kryptonians Clash!” [guest]
Detective Comics #508 November 1981
“The Attack of the Annihilator!” [guest]
Superman Family #212 November 1981
“Payment on Demand!”
Superman #366 December 1981
“Revenge, Superman-Style!” [guest]
Detective Comics #509 December 1981
“The Fires of Destruction!” [guest]
Superman Family #213 December 1981
“Bad Day with Blackrock!”
Superman #367 January 1982
“The Revengers Strike Back!” [guest]
Superman Family #214 January 1982
“The Strange Revenge of Lena Luthor!”
Detective Comics #510 January 1982
“Bride of Destruction!” [guest]
Superman #368 February 1982
“The Revenger of Steel!” [guest]
The Phantom Zone #2 Feb 1982
“Earth Under Siege!” [guest]
Superman Family #215 February 1982
“Crisis at the Crossroads in Time!”
DC Comics Presents #43: Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes March 1982
“In Final Battle!” [guest]
The Phantom Zone #3 March 1982
“The Terror Beyond Twilight!” [guest]
Superman Family #216 March 1982
“Victory is Only 5,000 Centuries Away!”
The Phantom Zone #4 April 1982
“The Phantom Planet!” [guest]
Superman Family #217 April 1982
“We Interrupt This Program…!”
Wonder Woman #291 May 1982
“Judgment in Infinity!” [cameo]
Superman Family #218 May 1982
“The Goddess from Hell!”
Wonder Woman #292 June 1982
“Seven Against Oblivion!” [guest]
Superman Family #219 June 1982
“Prison Bars Do Not a Cell Make!”
Wonder Woman #293 July 1982
“A Judgment Rendered!” [guest]
Superman #373 July 1982
“An Eye (and Ear) on the World!” [guest]
Superman Family #220 July 1982
“Battle Beneath the Brooklyn Bridge!”
Superman Family #221 August 1982
“A Trip on the Light Fantastic!”
Superman Family #222 September 1982
“Stop My Life — I Want to Get Out!”
Superman #376 – “In Transit” [guest] – October 1982
bridge story between final issue of Superman Family
and first issue of Daring New Adventures of Supergirl