TV, Film, and Video Game Comics

Adventures of Supergirl (2016)

Digital-first series based on the Supergirl TV series and written by Sterling Gates.

First released in 13 biweekly digital issues on Comixology and then collected in a single trade paperback. Available at Amazon in print and on all e-bookstores including Kindle, Comixology, Google Play, etc.

Smallville Season 11 (2013)

Digital-first series based on the Smallville TV series.

Supergirl appears in the “Argo” storyline. The digital chapters were reprinted in print issue form as Smallville Season 11 #13, 14 and #15 and later collected into Smallville Season 11 Vol. 4: Argo. The print collection is out of print but the digital edition is available at all e-bookstores including Comixology, Kindle, Google Play, etc.


Superman Adventures

Based on TV’s Superman: The Animated Series.

  • Superman Adventures #21 – “Last Daughter of Argo”
    This Supergirl origin story is a sequel to the TV episode “Little Girl Lost”. Kara must face down three criminals who have escaped from the Phantom Zone.
  • Superman Adventures #30 – “Family Reunion” Part 1
    Superman travels to another dimension where he meets evil, brainwashed versions of himself and Supergirl.
  • Superman Adventures #31 – “Family Reunion” Part 2
  • Superman Adventures #39 – “Reunion”
    Sequel to the TV episode “Last Daughter of Argo”: Kara In-Ze and Superman must defeat Brainiac and an android which has assumed the name and face of Kara’s deceased mother.
  • Superman Adventures #41 – “22 Stories in a Single Bound”
    Supergirl appears in a cute one-page story entitled “Supergirl’s Secret Emergency Weapon” – view here.
  • Superman Adventures #52 – “A Death in the Family
    Kara is stricken with a deadly Argoan virus, and it looks like only Lex Luthor may have the cure.
  • Superman Adventures #66 – “Power Play!” Part 2 (cameo in one panel, no lines)

Justice League Unlimited

Based on the animated TV series Justice League Unlimited.

Injustice 2

Digital-first series based on the video game. This is an ongoing series and the issues listed below may not be up to date.

Scribblenauts Unmasked: A Crisis of Imagination

Digital-first series based on the video game.

  • Issue #4 – Jan 12, 2014

DC Universe Online: Legends

Based on the video game.

Supergirl (1984) Official Movie Comic

Man of Steel (2013) Prequel Comic

This comic was released as an exclusive digital download to purchasers of advance screening tickets from Wal-Mart. It has never been officially released through Comixology.