Behind the Making of the SUPERGIRL DVD

By Scott Michael Bosco, special project consultant on the Anchor Bay SUPERGIRL DVD release

“The making of this DVD started about 2 years ago when I first became introduced to ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT. The company had plans to evolve their DVD production and I suggested some titles, which were of interest to me, and had been missing from home video in general for a few years. Two of the titles I had suggested were SANTA CLAUS: THE MOVIE and SUPERGIRL. The legal rights of course had to be procured and once they were I was brought in as a project consultant. The film’s director [Jeannot Szarc] was of course extremely eager to participate who I interviewed first before a Commentary was decided. […]

ANCHOR BAY sent their technical specialist who oversees their film transfers to Europe where the film’s elements were stored. Together he and I confirmed the different versions of the film on phone and he later located the Trailers, TV spots and “Making Of” Featurette. To our surprise 3 versions were found. The Domestic version (with the shortest running time), the International version and a never before seen Director’s Cut. It was decided that the International and Director’s Cut be released on DVD. Because of the different elements used for the Director’s Cut the audio would be MONO. Upon viewing this version of the film I realized that what had been found was probably meant for television syndication, as was done for the SUPERMAN films. I concluded this mostly from edited lines of dialogue. Missing are references to Jehovah’s Witness’. A line originally spoken, “She’s retarded!”, is now, “She’s rotten!”. Brenda Vaccaro’s exclamation of, “Jez-sus!”, is blotted out completely as is Faye Dunaway’s line as she toasts Hart Bochner, “Here’s to the seeds we’ll sow.” – a double pun made to him being a gardener and her future plans for him. Last but not least the infamous “dingle berry” line is no more. Although most additions are minor, longer walk-ons and offs there are some extra lines of dialog – one of the best spoken by Faye Dunaway to Peter Cook, “I’m a nasty little pill that’s hard to swallow.” Other worthy additions: in Argo City there is an odd, yet interesting bit with citizens practicing a kind of yoga – akin to something out of ZARDOZ. One of my favorite additions is a sweet scene between Lucy Lane and Jimmy Olsen. Also, after the final confrontation there is a better tying up of the individual story lines.

In February of 2000, on Saturday the 26th I detailed the Chapter Selections and where they would be. Then on the 27th the Commentary with Jeannot was recorded. We viewed only a test transfer which was still anamorphically compressed so when I received the first test disc 4 months later I was astounded by the quality. Before the recording of the Commentary Jeannot and I had decided we would steer clear of comic origins and deal with the production of the film. This happened to be a wise decision since months later DC Comics decided not to allow certain material to be included in the insert booklet. Although the film was not well received upon its theatrical release (especially in America where audiences given a terrible edited-down edition) in its longer versions it stands up better in retrospect. There is no doubt if done today technically there would be improvements, but in terms of how it was presented – with good taste, I doubt it could be done better. And in terms of the royal treatment given to it on home video, I don’t know of any other company that would have rolled out the red carpet. Thank you ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT.”

REVIEW by Scott Michael Bosco ©

Source: Digital Cinema: SUPERGIRL DVD Review (archival link)