SUPERGIRL Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Supergirl Soundtrack Cover

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The full film score was released by Silva Screen Records Ltd. (FILMCD 132) in 1994 and contains 23 cues and 78 minutes of music, including alternate versions used in the U.S. theatrical release. It is almost twice as long as the original soundtrack released by Varèse in 1984.



  1. Overture
    (longer version of the End Title which was never used in the film; comprised of three main themes: the Supergirl march, love theme and Selena’s Monster theme)
  2. Main Title & Argo City+
    (slower than the Varèse version, this is the film version with the synth effects)
  3. Argo City Mall*
  4. The Butterfly
  5. The Journey Begins*
  6. Arrival on Earth*/Flying Ballet
    this version of ‘Flying Ballet’ was not used in the U.S. theatrical cut
  7. Chicago Lights*/Street Attack*
  8. The Superman Poster**
  9. A New School
  10. The Map
    (another cue not in the U.S. theatrical version)
  11. Ethan Spellbound*
  12. The Monster Tractor
  13. Flying Ballet-Alternate Version*
    (used in the U.S. theatrical version; features more synths)
  14. The Map-Alternate Version*
  15. The Bracelet
  16. First Kiss*/The Monster Storm+
    (this is the take used in the film; contains more electronic effects than the Varèse version)
  17. “Where Is She”/The Monster Bumper Cars
  18. The Flying Bumper Car
  19. “Where’s Linda?”
  20. Black Magic
  21. The Phantom Zone*
  22. The Vortex/The End of Zaltar
  23. The Final Showdown & Victory*/End Title-Short Version*

+ Different Version than on Original CD release
* Previously unreleased
** Composed by Jerry Goldsmith (75%) and John Williams (25%)

SUPERGIRL Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1984)

Supergirl Soundtrack Cover

The original soundtrack released by Varèse Sarabande (VCD47218) in the UK in 1984 features a selection of major themes from the film.

  1. Main Title
  2. Where is She?
  3. Black Magic
  4. First Flight
  5. The Butterfly
  6. Where’s Linda?
  7. The Monster Tractor
  8. The Bracelet
  9. Monster Storm
  10. A New School
  11. The Flying Car
  12. The Map
  13. “9M – 3” (track 17 on Silva Screen release)
  14. End Title