SUPERGIRL (1984) Trailers and Storyboards

These files are takenĀ from the Supergirl Limited Edition DVD.

Theatrical Trailers

U.S. TV Spots


Review of DVD Extras (International Version)

By Scott Michael Bosco, special product consultant on the Anchor Bay SUPERGIRL DVD release

Trailers: Teaser, Domestic, UK, German, International, TV Spots: 90 sec. & 2 – 30 sec., Story Broads, Still Gallery: Posters & Artwork/Helen Slater as Supergirl/Color Stills/B&W, Talent Bios, Audio Commentary, THE MAKING OF SUPERGIRL Featurette, THX Optimode.

“The vast differences in advertising a film are made apparent in the TRAILERS. The TEASER is little more than an aerial POV (point of view) flying over the Chicago skyline accompanied with the SUPERMAN theme. In the UK a dark supernatural element is made predominant with a narrator orating like it was a HAMMER film. The INTERNATIONAL is the worst with an awfully gruff and unemotional narrator. Leaving the DOMESTIC addressing the more “adventurous” qualities, and alluding to some of the romantic ones as well. (The 3 TV SPOTS are all culled from the DOMESTIC TRAILER.) However for pure entertainment the GERMAN TRAILER wins the prize. Keeping in mind that scenes and dialog are deliberately chosen to appeal or incite interest to a given audience, this Trailer is both scary and hysterical to see a dubbed Faye Dunaway proclaiming ‘I am seeking world domination!’

STORYBOARDS, broken down into the following: Flying Ballet, Two Thugs, Monster Tractor, Invisible Monster, The Vortex, Final Confrontation., advance on their own and are supported by music for the given scene as in the film. The “MAKING OF SUPERGIRL” is a Featurette made to publicize the film during its release and aired on Network TV. The style is more documentary than MTV glitz offering not only information but a visual record of the production – a welcome change to the “in your face” commercial style that passes for featurettes today.

Director JEANNOT SZWARC (and myself) talk through the feature in the COMMENTARY. It’s strange how both of us got into the film forgetting we were being recorded – explaining why there are gaps in the Commentary (not excuses). As a bonus there is a THX Optimode consisting of various tests for calibrating your system, both audio and video.”

Source: Digital Cinema: SUPERGIRL DVD Review (archival link)