Characters (1996 Series)

Supergirl/Linda Danvers

Occupations: Superhero/Sculptor
Status: Single, Two-in-One Being
First appearance: SUPERGIRL #1

Linda Danvers was born in Leesburg, Virginia. She is naturally brunette with brown eyes, but after she merged with Supergirl (SUPERGIRL #1) her eye color changed to blue. In her Supergirl form she is blond and blue-eyed and also physically taller and more muscular. Since Linda has exhibited superstrength, superspeed, and flying it appears she retains her superpowers in both forms, the only differences being in appearance and voice. In between superheroics, Linda has turned her love of sculpting into a lucrative career, and when a mysterious new Supergirl appeared (SUPERGIRL #75) she took up a position as art teacher at her old high school.

Sylvia Danvers

Occupation: Church assistant, studying for the ministry
Status: Married
First appearance: SUPERGIRL #1

Linda’s mother Sylvia had the most difficult time accepting her daughter’s merging and new identity as Supergirl (revealed to her in issue #14). She has finally come to terms with it, thanks in part to a “divine intervention” by Wally. Despite her husband’s initial misgivings, she has decided to pursue studies for the ministry. She became pregnant near the end of the series and gave birth in #80; it’s been hinted that the baby has some kind of miraculous identity or powers. She has become Linda’s staunchest supporter and has prayed for her safety when Supergirl needed divine help the most (when God lives in your hometown, prayer actually works!).

Fred Danvers

Occupation: Police Officer
Status: Married
First appearance: SUPERGIRL #1

Promoted from sergent to plain clothes detective since the series began, Fred Danvers had always been the hardest on Linda, disappointed that she had taken up with a bad crowd, but when he learned that his daughter had become Supergirl (issue #14) he was the first to accept it and is now very proud of her.

Martha & Jonathan Kent

First appearance in this series: SUPERGIRL #5

Clark Kent’s adopted parents cared for Supergirl when she was injured and brought to Earth by Superman as the protomatter being known as Matrix (pre-SUPERGIRL series). They treated her like their own daughter and affectionately refered to her as Mae, until she asked them to call her Linda in her human form. They were the first people Supergirl told of her merging and new identity (issue #14), and remain two of the people she trusts most.

Mattie Harcourt

Occupation: Medical Resident
Status: Engaged to Cutter (issue #67)
First appearance: SUPERGIRL #1

Long time friend of Linda and her family, Mattie was unware that her best friend is actually Supergirl until issue #77. Mattie became involved with Cutter Sharp while dodging the frequent weirdness and supervillains that seem to be attracted whenever her friend Linda is around.

Cutter Sharp

Occupation: Reporter (former), now P.R. for Supergirl
Status: Divorced, engaged to Mattie (issue #67)
First appearance: SUPERGIRL #1 (September/96)

Leesburg’s answer to Lois Lane, Cutter is a quirky reporter who quit his job at the Leesburg Tribune and set himself up as Supergirl’s agent/publicist. His ex is Andrea Martinez, now known as Andy Jones, who left him before he moved to Leesburg. Since Supergirl’s arrival he has become involved with Linda’s friend, Mattie Harcourt.

Dick Malverne

Occupation: Appliance Store Owner
Status: Single
Deceased (SUPERGIRL #47)
First appearance: SUPERGIRL #5. Appearances: SUPERGIRL #5 to SUPERGIRL #47.

Linda’s previous romantic interest, Dick was in love with Linda but unaware of her Supergirl identity. He moved to Leesburg to make his own way in the world as owner of a electronics store, choosing to be independent of his parents’ wealth. He was briefly in thrall to the evil Buzz, who turned him into the time-controlling Tempus in exchange for healing his cancer. Having no memory of the event, he calmly accepted the many bizarre events to which Leesburg is subjected. Unfortunately his cancer returned in SUPERGIRL #43 and, rather than seek medical treatment, he turned to a faith healer. He died in SUPERGIRL #47.

Andy Jones/Comet

Occupation: Stand-up Comedienne/Superhero
Status: Divorced/Unattached, Two-in-One Being
First appearance: SUPERGIRL #10 (Andy), #14 (Comet)

Andrea Martinez is Cutter Sharp’s ex, and she showed up in Leesburg in issue #10 as the comedian “Andy Jones”. The reason for the new name would become clear, as a new superhero called “Comet” simultaneously Appearances in town and literally swept Supergirl off her feet. Andrea Martinez was saved from death by the sacrifice of the mysterious “Zed-One” (civilian i.d. Andrew Jones) when she was dying on Mt. Everest on a hazardous climbing expedition. The joining of these souls made possible the creation of the second Earth-born Angel – the Angel of Love. Now Andy Jones/Comet, changing her name in honor of her savior, Andrew Jones. With her new lease on life she has become a successful stand-up comedian. As the Angel of Love, Andy was drawn to Linda (in both her female human form and her male Comet form), but Linda did not return her romantic interest. They share a strong bond as two members of the trinity of Earth-born Angels.

Dark Comet
Andy Jones was captured by Carnivean in issue 39 and brainwashed by Blithe, the third Earth-born Angel, Blithe (Angel of Light) using her emotional pain caused by her estrangement from her mother. Blithe had also been “turned” by Carnivean. But the discovery that her mother did indeed love Andy very much caused her to break free of Carnivean’s influence, and she joined with Blithe and Supergirl in defeating him in issue 50.


Occupation: Former demon
First Appearance: SUPERGIRL #1. Appearances: SUPERGIRL #1-9, 42-74.

Buzz has an ambiguous relationship with Linda. When he first Appearances in flashbacks in issue #1, we saw him as the evil demon who had seduced Linda Danvers to the dark side, then used her as a human sacrifice in a satantic ritual to summon a demon beast. Her death in this manner triggered her “merging” with Supergirl and subsequent quest to find her true path. For nine issues he caused her constant problems, finally disappearing in a whirlwind as he was recalled by the Chaos Lords for failing to deliver Supergirl’s soul to them. That was not the end of Buzz, however. Before he was yanked away by the Chaos Lords to an icey comet prison in space, he invested part of his consciousness in Dick Malverne (putting Dick’s cancer on hold in the process). Buzz made a sudden reappearance in issue #42 when Linda finally declared her love to Dick. To her shock, there was her old nemesis in her boyfriend’s body, and she was more than eager to get him out by freeing Buzz’s body from a comet frozen in space.

Buzz had disobeyed his evil overlords’ orders on a few occasions now and Carnivore was beginning to suspect he had a soft spot for Supergirl. The reason for this would soon be revealed. Following Supergirl’s defeat of the Carnivore in issue #50, Buzz found himself depowered by a higher power (sometimes known as Wally the God-boy) and made into Linda’s sidekick/guide on her quest to find the missing Supergirl (issues 51-74). During this time ‘on the road’ together, Buzz started to mellow out and move towards redemption. He became a more sympathetic character, although Linda had a difficult time forgeting his prior evils.

In issue #58 we learned that Buzz wasn’t always evil. Born Gaius Marcus, he lived an ordinary life in ancient Rome until fate cruelly took his wife Valeria from him. In revenge he offered up his soul to what turned out to be the demon Baalzebub. He was tricked by Baalzebub into committing evil deeds for him over the centuries, for the promise that Valeria would one day be reincarnated. But Baalzebub reneged on his promise and Buzz became more bitter and descended further into darkness. Then, Buzz met the impressionable young Linda, and in her he saw the image of his long-dead wife. It would take Supergirl’s rescue of Linda for Buzz to gradually come around. Buzz’s real reason for sticking by Linda during her quest to find Supergirl was his love for her, the holder of Valeria’s memory. Buzz gained his revenge against Baalzebub during the final battle to defeat Lilith. As Linda watched, Buzz faded out of sight. Perhaps, this time for good. His score with Baalzebub finally settled, perhaps he is at last at peace.

Wally Johnson A.K.A. “Wally the God-boy”

Occupation: Self-proclaimed God
Status: Three-in-One Omniscent Being
First appearance: SUPERGIRL #4 (introduced in #9)

Wally Johnson is a mysterious young boy who claims to be a living embodiment of God – but no one believes him! He’s helped Supergirl (supernaturally) without her knowledge a number of times, and has talked to her at length about her Earth-born Angel status. Despite giving Supergirl a number of “demonstrations” of his powers, she has trouble believing his claim to be God. Sylvia’s faith in him is stronger. He appears sporadically, to intervene in a crisis or dispense a bit of omniscient insight. He has not appeared since Supergirl’s defeat of Carnivore in issue #50, but he left her a letter detailing the quest she would need to follow to find the missing Supergirl. Claims the name Wally is a variant on “Yahweh”.

Wally makes a cameo appearance as a student in Supergirl Cosmic Adventures #2 (see Superman Wikia).


Occupation: First vampire, uber-evil businessman
Human identity: Carl/Mr. Carnivean
Son of Lilith and Baalzebub
Appearances: #32, #39, #45-50

Carnivean was the first vampire and a disgruntled member of heaven who had left of his own volition to set up “The Between City”. His ambition was to wrest control of heaven from “The Presence” by subverting him (it?) from the inside, by holding hostage the Schechina (the feminine aspect of God, the side of the divine responsible for mercy and compassion). By turning the avatars of the Schechina, the Earth-born angels, to the side of darkness, Carnivean literally blackmailed The Presence into handing over control of heaven – but not for long. Aided by the spirit of Kara, the Silver Age Supergirl, Linda found in herself the strength and means to defeat Carnivean. Blithe and Andy also came to realize their true worth, and the three of them rose again to bring down Carnivean. Their epic battle in SUPERGIRL #50 marked a turning point in Linda’s, Andy’s, and Blithe’s personal lives as they worked past their self-doubt and fully came into their powers.

As you can tell in the above picture, Carnivean in his human form bears an uncanny resemblance to a grown up/dark version of Wally – he evens carries an umbrella just like Wally’s ever-present baseball bat. We never find out the reason for this resemblance, as Carnivean claims to have no idea who Wally is!


Occuption: Angel of Light
Human Identity: Unknown
Status: Two-in-One Being
First appearance: SUPERGIRL #36 (in shadow), #39

The third Earth-born Angel to appear, Blithe had already turned evil and was working for Carnivore when she showed up in issue #39. Little is known about her past or how she became an Earth-born Angel. As the Angel of Light, she wields powers of electricity. After being betrayed by Carnivore, she realized that her true destiny was working on the side of good, as part of the Schechina, the female aspect of God. When Blithe and Comet reappear in issue #50 to save the day, it appears that Comet has moved on from her/his crush on Supergirl. Blithe and Comet make a sweet couple, and as Comet states, “the nice thing is that it doesn’t matter to her if I’m in my male or female form”. Too much information for Linda!

Bizarro Supergirl

Occupation: Mixed-up Superhero – or is that anti-hero?
Appearances: SUPERGIRL #62-63, 68-69, 71-74

Bizarro Supergirl was cloned from Supergirl (before she merged with Linda) by Two-Face, and programmed to obey only himself and Buzz. In typical bizarro fashion, she responds only to backwards commands. Bizarro Supergirl has warped versions of Supergirl’s powers, such as heat vision and the ability to “shunt” (teleport), and a wacked-out personality. She chomps on electrical wires to get a buzz, bounces on pogo sticks and hands out daisies, and eats wax fruit. Bizarro Supergirl means well, but she’s not too bright.

Mary Marvel

Occupation: Superheroine
Location: Fawcett City
Appearances: Supergirl Plus #1, SUPERGIRL #68-74

Mary Marvel first met Linda when she guest-starred in SUPERGIRL PLUS #1: Super Plus the Power of Shazam (February 1997). She returned in SUPERGIRL #68 when she had a dream that Supergirl needed her help. She decided to stay on for the rest of Linda’s quest to find the missing Earth Angel Supergirl and was instrumental in locating her and defeating Lilith.


Occupation: Demon Mother
Status: Single (ex-husband: Adam)
Appearances: SUPERGIRL #67-74 (first mentioned in #64)

The Lilith who appears in Supergirl is based (very) loosely on the Lilith of Mesopotamian myth. Her origin and characteristics are lifted directly from the apocryphal medieval story the Alphabet of Ben Sira.* The Alphabet attempts to explain the two contradictory creation myths found in Genesis by stating that Lilith was the first woman, and Eve was created second and deliberately subordinate so she would not leave Adam like her predecessor. (The first Genesis account describes male and female humans being created simultaneously as equals, both from the dust of the ground, while the second version describes Adam as being created first and Eve being created afterwards from his body). According to the Alphabet, Lilith ultimately rejected Adam because of his domineering ways (in particular, his insistence on being “on top”). The Alphabet portrays both Adam and God as quite the misogynists, and for this reason Lilith leaves Eden under her own power and settles at the Red/Reed River where she becomes the “Mother of Demons” and the first succubus. In the Supergirl universe, Lilith survives to this day as a powerful demon who is angry and bitter about her mistreatment at the hands of God and Adam. She holds a personal grudge against Supergirl for killing the Carnivore.

(Prior to the Alphabet of Ben Sira, Lilitu/Lilit was simply a night or storm spirit. Earlier in pre-patriarchal times she was described in one source as being the “right hand of Innana” – Innana being the Sumerian name of The Goddess.)


Occupation: Supergirl of another time and place
Secret identity: Kara, daughter of Alura and Zor-El
Appearances: SUPERGIRL #75-80

In issue 75, a younger and much more idealistic Supergirl crashed to Earth in an escape pod. She is the original Supergirl, Kara of Krypton, from the classic Silver Age comics. Only this time, instead of appearing from her spaceship in front of an astonished (and ever so patronizing) Superman, she appears in front of twenty-something Supergirl from our current timeline! Kara had been detoured into the post-Crisis universe on her way to the pre-Crisis Earth, and she brings an amusingly naivé Silver Age attitude to her adventures in modern times.