Supergirl Biography: New 52

Publication History

In the post-Flashpoint incarnation of the DC universe, Supergirl has starred in two ongoing Supergirl series and in Justice League United from 2014-2015 (see Comics: Post-Flashpoint).

An alternate version of the Silver Age Supergirl appeared in Justice League: 3001 and a 1940s’ alternate universe version appears in the weekly digital-first series DC Bombshells. A digital-first series called Adventures of Supergirl based on the TV series ran from Jan 26 to July 20, 2016.

Following are the blurbs from the collected editions.

Last Daughter of Krypton

(Supergirl #1-7)

After crash-landing on Earth, Kara Zor-El of Krypton awakens with no knowledge of where she is or how she came to be there. Surrounded by hostile strangers speaking in an alien language, Kara is utterly lost and cut off from everyone she’s ever known. Or is she? A man wearing her family’s insignia appears, impossibly claiming to be her infant cousin Kal-El — the very baby she’d held in her arms just a few days ago…

Unable to accept Kal’s explanation — that Krypton was destroyed decades ago while she was suspended in time, that everyone she has ever loved is gone — Kara sets off to recover her ship and go home.

Easier said than done, once the ship is taken by opportunistic, exploitative researchers. But since this lost, desperate teen also has the powers of a god when she’s on Earth, they’ll have a hard time stopping her from getting what she wants…


Girl in the World

(Supergirl #8-12, #0)

Unlike her cousin Superman, Supergirl arrived on Earth from her dead home planet of Krypton fully grown, fully powered and totally confused. Unable to speak anything but her native language, unsure of how she arrived on Earth, and distrustful of the Earth-raised Superman, Supergirl truly is alone in the world.

When Kara is suddenly befriended by an Irish punk rocker named Siobhan—who can mysteriously speak Kryptonian—and she’s getting more than a best friend out of the deal. She’s also getting a new ally and an introduction to the strangest enemy she’s ever faced—the supernatural Black Banshee. But what is Siobhan’s link to this new, immortal threat?



(Supergirl #13-20)

All Kara Zor-El wants is a place to call home. The only other Kryptonian on Earth—her cousin, Superman—has gone native, and nothing about this strange planet is comforting or familiar to her. But then, Kara is given to amazing gifts. The first is a new home of her home: Sanctuary, a crystal palace at the bottom of the ocean, designed by her father to be a piece of Krypton here on Earth. The second is the arrival of H’el, a stranger Kryptonian traveler who claims he can save Krypton from destruction and quickly wins Kara’s trust…and perhaps even her heart.

And it isn’t long before both of these gifts are trying to kill her.

Now, the last daughter of Krypton is coming to understand that the only person she can rely on is herself. Fortunately, on this world there are (kind of) two of her! When Supergirl meets Power Girl, what kinds of sparks will fly?


Out of the Past

(Supergirl #21-25, Superman #25, Action Comics #23.1: Cyborg Superman, Futures End: Supergirl #1)

Will Supergirl’s greatest wish become her worst nightmare?

Ever since she landed on Earth, Kara Zor-El has wanted only one thing — to return to her beloved home of Krypton. But so far, her adventures as the hero Supergirl have brought her nothing but heartache and loneliness. Until now.

Dying from Kryptonite poisoning, Kara finds herself on a strange alien world where anything she imagines can become real…even the return of Krypton! But to attain such happiness requires a great sacrifice. And if Kara isn’t willing to make that sacrifice, there’s someone standing by to ensure that she does.

His name is the Cyborg Superman. His secret would destroy Kara if she found out. And his only goal is to make sure that Supergirl never returns to Earth alive!


Red Daughter of Krypton

(Supergirl #26-33, Green Lantern #28, Red Lanterns #28-33)

She’s done with people pushing her around, taking advantage of her and betraying her. She’s done feeling helpless, lost and discarded. She’s done with hope, faith and acceptance. Now, all that’s left is rage. And she’ll burn the universe down before she lets another person tell her who she should be. Supergirl’s journey as a Red Lantern begins here.



(Supergirl #36-40)

She’s the Last Daughter of Krypton and one of Earth’s greatest heroes, but for Kara Zor-El, being Supergirl means feeling like she’s got no place to call home. So when a deep-space school called the Crucible—an intergalactic academy that trains the universe’s most powerful beings-comes calling, Supergirl is happy to go. There, she’s no “super hero”—she’s just like everyone else.

But this strange school hides dark secrets. Just what are Kara and her new friends being trained for? And what does Crucible want with Supergirl’s clone “cousin,” Superboy? Once the truth comes out, Supergirl may not make it to graduation…