Helen Slater to appear in Supergirl pilot in mystery role

Supergirl-Helen-Slater-36Am I excited about this news? Heck yeah! The fan-pleasing announcement that Helen Slater will guest star in the pilot in what was described to Deadline as a ‘mystery role’ is teasingly short on details, but I’m sure that’s the point! This is the kind of news that gets fans excited and eager to tune in.


Now…who could she play?

Alura seems the obvious choice, but Laura Bernanti has already been cast as Kara’s birth mom in a recurring role, so that’s out. (Yes, we are getting Alura in a recurring role. How amazing is that?!)

Lara is another possibility being bandied about by fans, but I don’t think Berlanti Productions would want to rehash that casting since Slater already played Lara on Smallville. [The treatment of Lara on that show was really terrible.] More importantly, I do not think we’ll see Kal’s parents in speaking roles, if at all, because that would conflict with the movieverse casting.

What about Sylvia/Edna Danvers?

There was a scene in one of the leaked audition tapes that suggests Kara’s foster mom might appear in a flashback.

A touching scene between 12 year old Kara and her foster mom.

Young Kara: There, Corona Borealis. So close to my bedroom window when I was little. Its light kept me awake.

Mother Danvers: I can’t see it, it’s a billion light years from here.

Young Kara: Sorry.

Mother Danvers: I got my doctorate when I was 19. I was always the youngest woman with the right answer in a room full of smart men. I know what it feels like to not fit in.

Young Kara: I used to belong, up there.

Mother Danvers: I know sweetheart but you’re not up there anymore.

Young Kara: Do you know what it’s like [sigh] to have to hide what makes me so special on this planet? People laugh at me.

Mother Danvers: You know, people have a tough time making sense of extraordinary things.

Young Kara: Them not believing, I mean it makes me want to prove to them what I’m capable of.

Mother Danvers: Someday you’ll use those powers for greatness, but for now, how about you just get used to being the new kid in town.

Young Kara: Just because you can’t see Corona Borealis, doesn’t mean its not there.

[via Supergirl.tv]

I would love to see Slater play Supergirl’s Earth mom in a semi-recurring role. It probably won’t happen, but it would be a dream come true if she did.

If she’s not playing Mama Danvers, my guess is that Slater will appear as a minor character from the comics that long-time fans would recognize, but not a core Supergirl or Superman character. There are so many great possibilities to pull from, and I can’t wait to see.