New Photos from “Strange Visitor From Another Planet” Featuring Adam Foster

CBS has released five more publicity stills for next week’s episode, this time featuring Melissa Benoist’s real-life husband Blake Jenner as Cat Grant’s estranged son Adam Foster.

Jenner is set to appear in multiple episodes this season as a new possible love interest for Kara, which will cause even more conflict with her cranky and possessive boss. Because fighting incredibly powerful White Martians isn’t enough to handle.

CBR recently talked to the cast about some of the new characters who will appear in the back half of the season.

Both Cat and Kara will be affected by the upcoming introduction of Cat’s elder son, Adam Foster (Blake Jenner), to the show. Flockhart said Cat and Adam “haven’t seen each other in a very, very long time. Through a series of events, we then come back together.” Kara finds Adam to be interesting, Benoist added. “He’s really attractive. Also, I think there’s a mystery about him. There’s a connection because of their past and what they’ve both been through, in terms of family and loss.”

In the comics, Cat had a young son named Adam who first appeared in 1987’s Superman #10 and made a number of appearances in the Superman books until his tragic death at the hands of the Toyman in 1993’s Superman #84. Carter Grant seemed to be an analogue to this character (similar age, blond hair, idolized Supergirl like his comics counterpart was a fan of Superboy), so the name change was curious. Then in “Hostile Takeover” we learned that Cat’s self-aggrandizing speech about “having it all” and being “the perfect mother” was all a facade, as Kara discovered her biggest secret: Cat has an older son named Adam whom she’d given up many years ago. Suddenly the pieces fell into place, and it became clear why Cat is such a fiercely devoted mother to Carter, while being an all-round miserable person who seems jealous of everyone else’s happiness.

Stills from previous episodes are available in the Gallery.