Robert Gant Cast as Zor-El

Robert Gant TwitterSome more casting news has come in under the radar. Robert Gant, who played Ben Bruckner on the U.S. edition of Queer as Folk, has been confirmed by to be playing the role of Zor-El in the Supergirl pilot. I like this casting a lot. Gant has a wonderful look for the (good) version of Zor-El.

Earth-2 version of Zor-L and Alura-L and baby Kara, as adorably portrayed by Amanda Conner in Power Girl #1

Given Gant’s friendly demeanor and the empowering tone of this show and its focus on the mother-daughter relationship, I’m pretty confident that he will be portraying a positive (i.e. not evil) version of Kara’s father. Gant’s casting hasn’t been officially promoted so Zor-El will probably only appear in the pilot (although they could always bring him back in a future episode).