Ideal’s Comic Heroine “Super Queen” Supergirl Doll

Ideal Super Queen Comic Heroine Supergirl (1967)

Ideal Comic Heroine “Super Queen” Supergirl, 1967 (phonebooth from “Posin’ Misty” doll, not included with Supergirl). Image via

Comic Heroines ad

An ad for Ideal’s “Comic Heroines”. Via Wonder Woman Collectors.

In the 1960s the Ideal Toy Company was the largest doll-making company in the United States, and in 1967 they released a line of dolls called Comic Heroines, which became better known as Super Queens based on the packaging.

The dolls were based on Ideal’s 11.5 inch “Posin’ Misty” doll which had rooted hair and side-glancing eyes. The Comic Heroines line was comprised of Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, and Mera, and are the very first example of these characters being turned into dolls.

Ideal Comic Heroine "Super Queen" Mera Doll

Ideal Comic Heroine “Super Queen” Mera Doll

Ideal Comic Heroine “Super Queen: Supergirl Doll

Ideal Comic Heroine "Super Queen" Batgirl Doll

Ideal Comic Heroine “Super Queen” Batgirl Doll

Ideal Comic Heroine “Super Queen” Wonder Woman

Today the Ideal “Super Queen” Supergirl figure can fetch over in the thousands on the collector’s market. Alternatively some fans have created their own custom “repro” Super Queen dolls, complete with box, based on a modified Ideal Misty doll. Examples: Supergirl, Mera, Batgirl.

Ideal also produced the Captain Action line of costume-changing dolls (sorry, action figures) for boys. Today the Captain Action licensing rights are held by Captain Action Enterprises, have introduced a “Lady Action” Tonner figure with Wonder Woman and Supergirl costumes.

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Ideal Super Queen Comic Heroine Supergirl (1967)