No work for Jamal Igle in the new DCU

From Igle’s Twitter stream:

GrowlersWorld Rawle Austin
@JAMALIGLE Did you get a #NuDC book?
9 Jun

@GrowlersWorld. No I wasn’t asked to participate in the #NuDC relaunch.
9 Jun

GrowlersWorld Rawle Austin
@JAMALIGLE That’s a shame. What’s your next assignment? Are you DC exclusive? Anything Marvel planned?
9 Jun

@GrowlersWorld I’m still exclusive. At the moment I’m pencilling Superman # 713 and 714 the last two parts of grounded.

So many good creators are being left without work in this relaunch. Doesn’t matter how good the work is or how well it’s selling. That’s what sickens me the most about the relaunch.

Bleeding Cool has a list of the creators we won’t be seeing in September:

And with new books and new creative teams, there are also losers. There’s also no work from creators working for DC in August including Robin Riggs (added), James Robinson, Scott Kolins, Phil Jiminez, Jamal Igle, Adam Schlagman, Jonathan Vankin, David Hine, Brian Miller, Peter Calloway, Felicia Henderson, Jock, Brian Wood, Brian Clevinger, Marc Andreyko, Tom DeFalco, Chris Roberson, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Phil Hester, Howard Chaykin, JG Jones, Will Pfeiffer, James Patrick, Marc Guggenheim, Marv Wolfman, Matthew Sturges, Nick Spencer, Frazer Irving, Andy Kubert, Fernando Blanco, Felipe Massafera, Rex Ogle, Ibraim Roberson, Scott Clark, Alejandro Giraldo, Rodney Buchemi, Eddie Nunez, Javi Fernandez, Oliver Nome, Gene Ha, Marco Castiello, Mike Miller, Howard Porter, Daniel Sampere, Ron Randall, Kevin Maguire, Jerry Bingham, Sergio Cariello, Rich Buckler, Paris Cullins, Mike Bowden, Steve Scott, Jay Fabok, Greg Tocchini, Todd McCarthy, Carlos D’anda, Pere Perez, Chris Batista, Adam Beechen, Marcus To, Andres Guinaldo, Billy Tucci, Ron Frenz, Allan Goldman, Piers Gallo, Chriscross, Tomas Giorello, Don Kramer, Geraldo Borges, Phil Winslade, Agustin Padilla, Jerry Ordway, J Calafiore, Hendry Prasetya, Mike Grell, Nicola Scott, Jose Luis, Fabrizio Fiorentino and Victor Ibanez

Some of those people will already have work lined up, and some work at Marvel or have other gigs to fall back on. We also know from past experience that at least some of the relaunch books will see an artist or writer bail within a few months. And every creative team gets replaced eventually. But for DC to have creators on exclusive, for whom DC books are their livelihood, and not even have a promise of work for them in the near future? That’s reprehensible.