Harley Quinn/Power Girl to Reveal What Happened Between the Panels

Harley Quinn 13 (2015)

We’re finally going to learn what happened during the “longest two weeks” of Power Girl’s life referenced in the recent Harley Quinn #13.

Jimmy Palmiotti revealed to Newsarama that the story in the Harley Quinn/Power Girl spin-off series coming in June takes place between two panels from #13:

There’s a panel where Harley and Power Girl are jumping from one teleportation ring to the other, and when they come out of it, Power Girl’s wearing a wedding dress and Harley has some armor on, and Power Girl says, you know, this was the longest two weeks of my life.

And it was between two panels.

So the six-issue mini-series is everything that happened between those two panels.

I really want to see that story.

(Palmiotti) It’s part of the bigger story, but it’s just a thing we didn’t show in the regular Harley Quinn series.

We didn’t plan it that way, but we sort of did. We thought, maybe one day they’ll let us tell the story between the two panels.

(Amanda Conner) We were so happy when they said, “Yeah, sure, go ahead and do it.” We were like, yea!

I love the idea of publishing a limited run side story out of an offhanded gag like this. Side stories are common in manga publishing and I’d love to see DC Comics adopt the concept. Really getting pumped for the post-Convergence relaunch.

Palmiotti then dropped a name I’ve been dying to see come back:

Part of it was a little bit self-serving too, because when we were doing Power Girl a few years back, it was so much fun, and we wanted to work with her again.

Newsrama: I figured that, because you’d worked with that character together in the past, you just wanted more of her.

Palmiotti: Yeah, and now we just have to figure out how to get Terra into our books. We’ll figure it out one day.

Terra! Nothing would please me more than to see PeeGee and Atlee teaming up again.