Bizarro Supergirl in Tiny Titans #42

Bizarro Supergirl makes her debut in the July issue of Tiny Titans, “Young Bizarros In Love”. Cute!

Tiny Titans #42

They said it couldn’t happen, but why did you believe them? It’s…young Bizarros in love! Who is the strange girl from a square planet floating in space? Join us as the Tiny Titans discover Bizarro World! Aww yeah!

On Sale July 20, 2011

I am amused by how Connor and Kara are horrified at the sight of their Bizarro counterparts smooching, while Starfire seems delighted :) Poor Robin and Beast Boy are just confused!


Newsarama sat down with the creators to discuss, among other things, “Bizarros in Love” and next month’s “Kid Flashpoint”. That issue will feature the debut of Jesse Quick and is (apparently?) a must-read part of the Flashpoint event. Also, they’re ripping off everything Sterling Gates has done.

Newsarama: In June, the issue has Kid Flashpoint. One of the really unique things about Tiny Titans is that it sometimes refers to things happening in regular continuity. It’s obvious you two are comic book readers. Do you like to play with that stuff in the comic?

Franco: Yeah. Art and I secretly want to be involved in all the crossover events, but they won’t let us. So this is our way of sticking our noses into it, you know?

Art: Yeah, even though the Tiny Titans don’t have noses. We still stick our noses in there. In the new issue, Wonder Girl goes through an “identity crisis.”

Franco: And like you said, we have an issue where Kid Flash sharpens his pencil into a “Flashpoint.”

Art: Yeah he does. And we take care of it right away in the June issue. It takes place on Page 3. You open it up and “bam!,” it hits you right in the face. That’s the way we handle our events. We jump right into it.

Franco: We had to do a Flashpoint issue. We were pissed they left us out of it.

Newsarama: Well don’t say that! Say it’s part of the event.

Art: Aw, my bad. That’s what I meant. It’s part of it. It’s a must-read issue. You can’t move on to Flashpoint #2 without reading this one. If you don’t read it, you’re going to be lost. There are clues in there.

Tiny Titans is tied into the whole DC Universe. People just don’t realize it.

Newsarama: In July, you’ve got Bizarros in love, and that stars Bizarro Supergirl, who just appeared in regular continuity recently.

Art: Aw yeah!

Franco: Everything Sterling Gates has done, we’re ripping off.

Art: It helps when you meet the writers. We’re like, “Hey! There’s Sterling Gates! Let’s go talk to him!” So it helps when you meet them, and they love it when you say you’re going to do something in Tiny Titans. We like to bother James Robinson a lot too.