DC Comics Announces “Supergirl: Being Super” Limited Series


DC Comics has announced a new limited series called Supergirl: Being Super which will retell Supergirl’s origin in a present-day setting. The book will be set outside of regular continuity and offer an updated take on Kara’s earliest days on Earth.

The series will be released bimonthly in four 48-page prestige format issues (square-bound with card stock covers and no advertising), with the first issue scheduled for release on Dec 28, 2016. This is essentially an original graphic novel released in four parts, rather than a 6-issue/120-132 page storyarc written for trade.

No word on whether the book will incorporate characters and settings from the TV series, but it looks like at least some of the story will be set on the Kent farm, which makes me happy.

Supergirl: Being Super is being written by Toronto-based writer Mariko Tamaki, co-creator of the award-winning YA graphic novels Skim, Emiko Superstar and This One Summer, and illustrated by the awesome (and newly DC-exclusive) Joëlle Jones. Sandy Florea provides the nice strong inks and Kelly Fitzpatrick brings some very appealing colors to the coming-of-age story.

This is the first time Supergirl has received a standalone origin story in comics, and I’m excited to see how this team approaches the story given the freedom that comes with not being tied to any pre-existing setting.

“I was approached by DC awhile ago, and it was a project that I was interested in,” Tamaki tells Heat Vision [Hollywood Reporter] about the origins of the series. “Of all the DC characters, Supergirl was always one who’s stood out to me. I was really excited when they approached me.” Jones — who signed an exclusive contract with DC this summer — joined the project after Tamaki was on board, putting the decision down to a simple fact: in addition to liking Supergirl as a character, she says, “I’m a fan of Mariko.”

– via THR

In a surprising twist, it sounds like Kara will have been living on Earth for a while before her powers begin to manifest at age 16:

This is the story of Kara Danvers, known to her home planet of Krypton as Kara Zor-El. On the one hand, Kara is a typical teen, navigating relationships, friendships, and classes, on the other she’s a being with immense power and potential, with the added responsibility of managing her developing super powers. As if transitioning into adulthood wasn’t hard enough!

As Kara turns 16, her powers begin manifesting in bizarre hot flashes, glowing zits, symptoms that are becoming harder to control.

– via DC Comics

That last bit sounds like Smallville’s superpowers-as-puberty take. That’s an odd choice to apply to Kara. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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