Brian Ching’s Unpublished Cover for Supergirl #1

Brian Ching, the interior and cover artist for the ongoing Supergirl series, posted an image of one of his potential covers for Supergirl #1. Ching says this cover is from the “reject pile of my many attempts at the first cover” – meaning there are more out there! It’s beautiful and amazing, and I can’t imagine how it didn’t get picked!

Kara looks so heroic and happy in this sketch, standing confidently with arms crossed in the center of the page as she gazes out at the horizon. This is a perfect image for the first issue in a new series.

Some lucky fan may get a chance to buy this original art if Brian Ching ever releases it – be sure to follow his twitter account for more peeks behind the scenes of the book.

Supergirl #1 is out this week. Get it on Comixology or at your local comic shop.

Supergirl #1 unpublished cover by Brian Ching

Supergirl #1 published cover by Brian Ching