Supergirl comments from NYCC, Day 2

Nick Spencer on what’s to come in his issues of Supergirl, more Dark Supergirl in JLA, and a Supergirl & Phantom Stranger issue of Brave and the Bold.

Per Newsarama:

Next was a slide reiterating yesterday’s announcement that Nick Spencer and Bernard Chang take over “Supergirl” with issue #60. Spencer, speaking from the audience, said that there will be many teenage guest stars and a new villain in the first arc.

A new villain? We’ve still got Lucy as Superwoman to deal with. Also, “many teeange guest stars” sounds like a return to the early, boring issues of the series which is an incredibly bad idea. Can we follow through with the threads started by Gates, please? I would hate another abrupt shift in the series.

A David Mack variant cover to “Justice League” showed Dark Supergirl with Batman, which relates to the story arc beginning in #50 against the Crime Syndicate. “Out of all that we get a new villain, but one of the ramifications for that is that Supergirl in the Justice League will be Dark Supergirl.”

I would have been happy to never see “Dark Supergirl” ever again. Are they saying that the only version of Supergirl in JLA for a while will be the “evil” one? Do not want. I sure hope this is a quick storyarc, because I’m not reading the book until it’s over.

“Brave and the Bold” will feature Lois Lane and Adam Strange, and Supergirl and Phantom Stranger “set near the end of her life” and dealing with the evacuation of Earth, Straczynski said of the series.

I can’t tell whether that’s the end of of Lois’ life or Supergirl’s. Huh. Weird.