Supergirl Stars in LEGO Variant Covers

Supergirl #36 (2014)

DC Comics is promoting the release of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham on Nov 11 with a month of LEGO variant covers in November, and Supergirl will appear as an awesome LEGO version of herself in variants for Supergirl #36 and Justice League United #6. Isn’t she adorable? I’d love to see these put out as actual LEGO minifigs.

A Supergirl minifig will be included in LEGO set #76040 Brainiac Attacks, a DC Universe Super Heroes set to be released in 2015.

Justice League Unlimited #6 (2014)

Supergirl previously appeared in LEGO Batman 2 but as a character who was only unlockable after collecting all 250 gold bricks, so I didn’t get to play her much. I hope she’s easier to unlock in the upcoming game which includes 150 unlockable characters (see the LEGO wikia Brickipedia for details).

The LEGO variants do not appear to be rationed so presumably they will be available in equal quantities as the regular covers, if ordered by the retailer. Variants unfortunately don’t appear on ComiXology (that would defeat the purpose), but they are included in the trade paperbacks and ComiXology digital collections.

Here’s a screenshot of Supergirl in her New 52 costume from LEGO Batman 3. She looks pretty serious — I wonder what’s happening.