NYCC 2014 Exclusive: “Supergirl Disguise for Lady Action” Tonner Doll


Wonder Woman and Supergirl uniform sets for the Lady Action doll – NYCC Exclusives

The Lady Action Tonner doll will debut exclusive Supergirl and Wonder Woman uniform sets at NYCC this week. The Supergirl costume was previously released by Tonner on a 13″ model and the Wonder Woman costume is from the Tonner New 52 Wonder Woman.

Conceivably you could buy the Tonner New 52 Supergirl ($199 USD) and this costume set ($99 USD) and have two costumes for one doll (the New 52 Supergirl and Lady Action both use the 16″ Heroic model), however you wouldn’t be able to swap out the wigs. Only Lady Action has a removable brunette wig, designed specifically to be changed out for these uniform sets. My immediate thought was: brunette wig = Linda Lee Danvers disguise!

Unfortunately the Supergirl costume will be sold exclusively at New York Comic Con and is limited to only 150 pieces, so no chance of getting my hands on one.

Lady Action is a British superspy doll inspired by the Captain Action doll introduced in 1966 by the Ideal Toy Company and designed to wear the costumes of licensed character such as Superman, Batman, Captain America, and more. The Ideal Toy Company would go on to create the “Super Queens” line of comic heroine dolls based on Supergirl, Batgirl, Wonder Woman and Mera.

Today the Captain Action licensing rights are held by Captain Action Enterprises, who produce comics and dolls related to Captain Action and have introduced the companion character Lady Action. CA Enterprises introduced the Lady Action doll at the 2014 Tonner Collectors Convention. Her compatibility with Tonner’s superhero line suggests more uniform sets based on previous Tonner dolls will be released for the high end collector’s market.

via Captain Action Enterprises