I would buy the heck out of THIS DC Universe

For the record, I’m not buying any of the DC New 52. In the end, it was a surprisingly easy decision. To echo the sentiments expressed in this thread, I’m waiting for DC to repopulate their universe with interesting people.


I would be one of the fans swearing to buy every single book in the new DCU if it looked like THIS.

group of superhero cosplayers dressed as a gender-swapped Justice League

The Gender Bent Justice League Cosplayers

You can read about the cosplaying group Gender Bent Justice League in their interview with LA Weekly, which has many more awesome images of the cosplayers in character. There’s also a genderswapped Power Girl and Huntress who highlight the gendered double standard in superhero costumes. More cosplaying goodness by this group at Kit (Superma’am) Quinn’s Tumblr.

This Justice League makes me so excited I can’t even say.

gender-swapped Justice League cosplayers

The Gender Bent Justice League Cosplayers

┬áMore cosplay images at this photographer’s Flickr stream.)