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New Supergirl Costumes by Rubie’s

Rubie’s Costumes now includes adult and child-sized Supergirl costumes based on the TV costume. Get your red seams and thumb-hole sleeves here! They also make DC Super Hero Girls costumes and...

Super Girl Scouts Demonstrate the Power of SCIENCE!

This is just too cute for words. President Barack Obama made some waves and warned the robots at the White House Science Fair on Monday, but it was the elementary-school Supergirls who captured his science-loving heart.

I would buy the heck out of THIS DC Universe

For the record, I’m not buying any of the DC New 52. In the end, it was a surprisingly easy decision. To echo the sentiments expressed in this...

Lois Lane, Reporter

Kate Beaton reveals Lois Lane’s version of events in the old Superman comics.