Costumes (1996 Series)

Supergirl and Despero

The Supergirl uniform most firmly imprinted in the public imagination is the one developed for the Supergirl Movie. Kara Zor-El never wore this exact costume in the comics, but it was used for Supergirl in the post-Crisis universe from 1986 to 2000, when Linda Danvers adopted the costume worn by Kara In-Ze in Superman: The Animated Series. This makes it the longest-running costume in Supergirl history.

Supergirl under Gorilla Grodd's influence

When the town of Leesburg suffered from the paranoia induced by the Final Night event that blacked out the sun, Gorilla Grodd succeeded in bringing out “the beast within” the frenzied townspeople, turning them into savage apes. Even the Girl of Steel was not immune to Grodd’s Heart of Darkness talisman. When the “bad girl” in her came out, she inexplicably appeared in a leather jacket and pants, high heels, teased hair and dark lipstick (oh, and fangs). (Supergirl [fourth series] #4, December 1996). Final Night left many of Leesburg’s inhabitants filled with shame over their actions, and this costume was never spoken of again.

Supergirl skating in a white and blue outfit

Deciding that she should expand her image from just the local superhero who appears during disasters, Supergirl spent a leisurely winter afternoon mingling with the townsfolk in this sleek blue-and-white skating costume inspired by Superman Blue (Supergirl [fourth series] #19, March 1998).

scan from Supergirl #39

After quitting his newspaper job, Supergirl’s friend and aspiring sidekick Cutter Sharp set himself up as her publicist and head of “Supergirl Enterprises”. Here she gamely models an outfit from a proposed line of Supergirl clothing. (Supergirl [fourth series] #39, December 1999).

Linda wearing Supergirl tunic

Another product of Supergirl Enterprises, this comfortable-looking tunic appears only on the cover of Supergirl #42 (March 2000).

Linda pulling on a white Supergirl t-shirt in a costume storeSupergirl tying her laces on her red bootsPulling on a blonde wigSupergirl running in her new white t-shirt costume

Linda found herself in need of a new Supergirl costume when she became physically¬†separated from Matrix. A quick visit to a superhero-themed costume shop resulted in this new costume (based on Supergirl’s uniform in Superman: The Animated Series). A blonde wig completed the look. (Supergirl [fourth series] #51, December 2000).

When Two-Face attempted to clone Supergirl in Supergirl #62 (May 1999), he wound up with a Bizarro Supergirl. Her outfit is a negative-colour version of Linda’s and her hair looks like she licked an electrical wire. Maybe she did.

An older looking Supergirl in a long white top and blue skirt

In the last two issues of the series, Linda takes the place of the original Supergirl in an alternate timeline. Here we see Linda wearing her Superwoman costume, eight years later. The sleeves are longer and the white top is now connected to the skirt. It’s a really good look for her (if drawn unnecessarily short and tight by Ed Benes). This would have made a great Superwoman costume for Linda if the series had continued as Peter David intended. (Supergirl [fourth series] #80, May 2003).