Girlsplained Discusses the Disturbing Themes in Supergirl 1×09 “Blood Bonds”

The last episode of Supergirl featured some strange story decisions, like the take-back on Cat learning Kara’s secret and Max turning into a cardboard villain who physically assaults James…because? However there is one scene that may have ruined the entire episode for some people. It certainly did for me. The way the show framed Lane torturing Astra, and wrote it so that Kara was forced to watch and not be able to stop the assault, was absolutely shocking. It’s hard to stomach. How did so many people sign off on this storytelling choice on a show that claims to be feminist and family-friendly?

Rowan Cota and Joshua Unrah break down all the troubling aspects of this episode in their excellent podcast Girlsplained.

Show Notes

There’s a content notice on this one, gang. We discuss some very intense themes and our dissection of those themes could be considered explicit. Be advised we’re going to talk specifically about sexual assault and abuse.

Here is the survey of incarcerated Israeli rapists Rowan mentioned.

Here’s the picture of Astra during the interrogation scene.

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