Mehcad Brooks on “Superman Confidence Boot Camp”

Photo: Robert Hanashiro, USA Today

I never got what Lucy saw in Jimmy Olsen. Not a lot of prospects in the ’60s, I guess. But now they’ve cast Mehcad Brooks and it’s a lot more understandable. But the Jimmy that Lucy knew has grown up quite a bit since his time at the Planet.

Mehcad has a really funny and clever explanation of how the eager-to-please Jimmy who fetched Perry’s donuts grew up into the way cooler and more confident James who shows up at CatCo.

“This is what happens when somebody goes to Superman confidence boot camp. You hang out with Superman long enough, it’s going to rub off on you. You’re going to lift some weights, you’re going to dress a little different, take the bow-tie off, maybe. You go to a bar and a girl is like ‘Hey what do you do?’ ‘I hang out with Superman’ [laughter] – That works by the way.”

Source: Nerd Reactor

So the next time someone asks, ‘Why is this Jimmy so different?’, the answer is simple: Superman Confidence Boot Camp.