New Hi-Res Photos From March 21’s Supergirl 1×17 – “Manhunter”

CBS has released 14 official photos from next week’s Supergirl episode, “Manhunter”, the series’┬ábig Martian Manhunter origin story.

Episode 17 will finally reveal how J’onn J’onzz came to meet Jeremiah Danvers and take over the identity of the evil Hank Henshaw (who could still be alive somewhere and getting ready to come back as Cyborg Superman, hmm?) Dean Cain appears in flashbacks as Dr. Danvers along with a Martian-form J’onn. The photos also show Kara suiting up in some badass motorcycle gear as part of her mission to find out what really happened to Alex’s dad.

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Source: Far Far Away (01-11) Bleeding Cool (12-14)