Supergirl Introduces Tyler Hoechlin as Superman


The big Supergirl news recently is the announcement that The CW has cast Teen Wolf’s Tyler Hoechlin as Superman/Clark Kent, set to appear in the first two episodes of Supergirl season 2, which debuts Oct. 10.

The role is only guest-starring at this point. While I think a lot of Superman fans would love to see a happier, more authentic version on the screen in place of the film universe, I expect Hoechlin will only appear occasionally to avoid overshadowing Kara.

It’s astonishing that Warner Bros. is allowing Supergirl to use Superman/Clark now, as it reverses a longstanding WB/DC policy prohibiting Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman from appearing in other DC TV series. That’s why Smallville couldn’t use young versions of Bruce Wayne or Wonder Woman and why Arrow and The Flash were forbidden from using elements or characters from Gotham and Metropolis. That policy appears to have been loosened after Warner Bros. made some management shuffles in their DC film universe following Batman v. Superman and promoted Geoff Johns to co-run the DC Film division.

Whatever the reason, I’m pretty happy because it will mean that Superman will appear as a supporting character in Kara’s world, which is something I never expected to see onscreen. I’ve long wished to see the two share a series together, and this gets pretty close to that. It was more than a little frustrating that the first season of Supergirl could only use very carefully staged cameos to imply Superman’s presence (including a hilarious shot of his red boots in the season finale). Every text convo between Clark and Kara made me wish we could see the two of them just hanging out together as family.

Although Tyler Hoechlin is only a year old than Melissa Benoist, I think he’ll be able to pull off a pretty good Clark Kent and Superman. He’s definitely younger than the 37-ish experienced Superman he’s been implied to be on the TV series, but I think it’ll work.

I mean, look at him! It’s like he’s cosplaying bearded Clark Kent :)


source: Deadline