Supergirl, the Last Daughter of Krypton in the Infinite Crisis MOBA

Infinite Crisis Champion Supergirl

Infinite Crisis Champion Supergirl / Source: Infinite Crisis

The Infinite Crisis multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) from Turbine has been in open beta testing for a while now, and Supergirl was added as a “champion” in June 2014, as you can see from the beautiful promo art above. I gather that the early implementation of Superman had a lot of problems that frustrated players, and Supergirl appears to have benefited from the lessons learned from that early development (both characters are bruiser class which means, and I quote, you should “basically, never stop punching”). As the game is a MOBA I would probably never play this, but the promotional art sure is pretty. I currently have the first Wonder Woman wallpaper on this page as my desktop background.

The developers at Turbine are keenly aware that MOBA games are notoriously difficult to get into; they recently introduced new tutorials and a coaching mode to help players get up to speed. More important than tutorials, however, will be fostering a culture of good sportsmanship in the player community, perhaps through gameplay mechanics that remove the ability for players to hurt their teammates (as Blizzard is attempting with Heroes of the Storm). The MOBA genre is infamous for its toxic player culture and a high barrier to entry. Here’s hoping that IC incorporates the lessons learned from other MOBAs and is able to make its game experience more enjoyable to all players.

Watch the official introduction of Supergirl to Infinite Crisis below, or skip straight to her Champion Profile.

Learn more about Supergirl on the Infinite Crisis site: