DC Collectibles Announces Supergirl TV Statue

Supergirl TV Statue 2016

DC Comics may be slow in relaunching the Supergirl comic book right now, but the collectibles division has already commissioned a statue based on Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl ahead of the TV series’ debut.

The beautiful 12.5″ resin statue features a fully cloth cape and more realistically textured costume and lifelike face sculpt than usually seen from DC Collectibles. This extra level of detail is reflected in the higher price point of $130 USD.

This is a gorgeous statue, although my experience with DC Collectibles statues has me a bit worried about the quality of the final production models. The faces tend to have a narrow, pinched shape and don’t always have the best paint job. It’s hard to complain though at such a reasonable (for these statues) price.

The best thing about this statue is that it’s based on Melissa Benoist’s true-to-life Supergirl and not a male artist’s improbably built fantasy woman. I cannot wait to add this statue to my collection. It makes me so happy to see DC Collectibles joining in the excitement around the TV series.

The statue is slated for release in May 2016, but expect that to change as DC Collectibles statues usually ship late.

(via TV Insider)