Supergirl Season 1 available on Microsoft Store, PlayStation, iTunes, Amazon Video

Supergirl Season 1 on Microsoft Store

Good news for everyone who watches TV digitally: Supergirl will be available from numerous streaming services, and not just in the USA. I was initially worried that the show wouldn’t be accessible to me legally in Canada, because this is a show I definitely want to support.

Supergirl will be available from numerous services come October 26. Availability will depend on your location, so keep watching your favourite digital service if the show isn’t available yet.

  1. Microsoft Store (formerly Xbox Video/Windows Store) – streaming and download. This is the easy winner for me because I can stream the show to my TV and computer and download a MP4 in 720p, so I’m not permanently locked to using my Microsoft account.
  2. PlayStation Store – playable on multiple PS devices and Blu-ray players. I don’t know if you can download purchases.
  3. iTunes – download-only, but you can stream the video files to your TV depending on your set-up.
  4. Amazon Video – available only in the U.S.
  5. CBS All Access – stream to your TV via Roku or Chromecast; available only in the U.S.

I didn’t find Supergirl listed on Google Play or Hulu at the time of writing.