Tonner Announces “Phantom Zone Supergirl” and “Kryptonian Supergirl” Doll Costumes for 2008

Phantom Zone Supergirl, SDCC 2008 Exclusive ($139.99 USD)

Here’s an unusual item you might not have heard about. This “Phantom Zone Supergirl” doll was released by Tonner Doll Co. exclusively at San Diego Comic Con 2008, with a limited edition run of 200. Retail price is $139.99 USD.

What makes this a “phantom zone” costume? Hard to say. Such an outfit has never appeared in the comics, movie or any TV series. This is straight from the mind of the designer.

Tonner released a similar fantasy-themed “Kryptonian Supergirl Outfit” which was higher quality than this simple cloth affair, but equally as rare. The Tonner dolls are out of my price range, and I think this one was quite a bit over priced for the simple bits of cloth that make up the “costume”. Nice boots though. Both the Kryptonian Supergirl outfits are really cute and I would love to own these variants if they were released at a more accessible price point.

Kryptonian Silver Casual Outfit ($89.99 USD) for Tonner DC Stars Supergirl

via Supergirl Comic Box Commentary and Wizard Universe: Tonner Announces Comic Con International Exclusives