Review: Supergirl #43

Aw, this was such a sweet story. I cried at the end ^_^

The art is amazing. Jamal Igle’s pencilling just keeps getting better and better! The colours: beautiful, soft, luminous. The pinks and blues and the glowing Kryptonian clothes. This issue is so pretty. Also, the cover is my favourite so far. I have been waiting for this cover ever since I saw the image months ago. Please make this into a poster DC!

I really don’t want to say anything too detailed, you really need to experience it for yourself. This is a joyful, touching issue that is key to this character. Some non-plottish comments after the cut.

How much do I love the opening panel, the pulling back to reveal the hybridized elements of Kara’s life. The costume on the chair! (Kara’s boots crumpled on the floor. As they would be.) Kara looking so pretty, and in the second page splash, looking somehow older and more mature. Did I mention the glowing Kryptonian robes? Love them. Giggling with Thara. (Was that Thara? I thought she was brunette.) A few Kryptonians of colour in the onlookers – and Alura’s P.A.? More, please!

Alura’s new robes, as Kara calls them, are wicked cool and very superhero-y. (I liked her previous costume too. It appears that Kryptonians wear the same outfit all the time. They do seem big on uniforms.)

Silver Age-style X-ray vision!

Supergirl using X-ray vision

The revelation that people do not choose the Labour Guild, they are born into it. I thought as much. No, not a perfect society at all. Science Guild and its values taught Alura to bury her feelings? Ah, they have that problem too.

Kryptonian beds! Kara’s mermaidy/seashell Kryptonian halter top.

Zal-Tel = Zoltar?

And finally, Guild Day. Her choice, and her reasons for her choice…well, you’ll have to find out for yourself. Kara is brave in ways that earn her that costume.