The SUPERGIRL Storybook and Paper Doll Book

My first introduction to Supergirl was through “The Supergirl Storybook”, a hard cover book full of colorful photo stills from the movie, accompanied by a child-friendly description of the movie plot. Having recently seen Superman II on TV, I was unbelievably excited to discover this.

I loved collecting paper dolls as a kid, so I would have been the perfect target audience for this fun piece of tie-in merchandise.

The SUPERGIRL Coloring Book

On the back of the paperdoll book is a list of “More Supergirl Action Books for Action-Packed Fun” available from the publisher:

  • Supergirl Coloring Book (shown above)
  • Supergirl Activity Book
  • Supergirl Activity Book of Fun
  • Supergirl Official Activity Book

Does anyone remember these?