Review: Supergirl #51

This issue starts off really well with a tension-building scene. A group science guild children have escaped the devastating attack underway on Kandor, their teachers trying to keep them from realizing what’s happening. But these children have superpowers, and superhearing… One cute little girl removes her headgear to tell them that she can hear the people screaming :(

Review: Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #1

Brainiac is back: his scary spaceship-head-o-doom hovers ominously over New Krypton and the inhabitants on the streets are under attack from the waves of terminator-drones. The Kryptonians are making a better show of defending themselves this time with superpowers, but some are still being killed (and it will get much worse). Zod’s response is immediate and devastating: he attempts to penetrate the ship’s forcefield through brute force by using the “global defense cannons” – without giving anyone enough time to get out of the way. The Kryptonians surrounding the ship are vaporized as everyone watches in horror.

Review: Supergirl #50

Happy anniversary! I never thought this series would make it this far. I certainly never foresaw that by SUPERGIRL #50 I would be enjoying this series so darn...

Supergirl Origin Story Revisions

Supergirl’s origin story has been retold a number of times during her series. Some significant details needed to be tweaked in order to fit in with the six-part...

Review: Supergirl #43

Aw, this was such a sweet story. I cried at the end ^_^ The art is amazing. Jamal Igle’s pencilling just keeps getting better and better! The colours:...