Multiversity Comics Presents “40 Days of Supergirl” Art Month


Multiversity Comics is hosting a special art month devoted entirely to the Girl of Steel, starting TODAY!

Check out the first art pieces here.

The special event will feature original art created exclusively for Multiversity every day, interviews with creators associated with Supergirl, longform pieces on the character’s history and impact, a review of the 1984 Supergirl film and more. Awesome!

The event will culminate in a series of charity auctions of original donated Supergirl art to support Room to Read, which focuses on literacy around the world.

Head over to Multiversity to read the full announcement. This is a super fun way to celebrate a character whose rapid transition from underappreciated to mainstream popularity continues to surprise me. The timing couldn’t be better as we wait impatiently for the show to return.

Thanks Multiversity!