It’s a month to the TV series and DC Comics STILL isn’t publishing a Supergirl comic book

Supergirl Billboard

Supergirl has been persona non grata in the main DC Universe books since the publisher stealth-cancelled her book when her TV series was announced. She hasn’t been seen or heard of in-universe since Convergence, and there seems to be a gag order on anyone talking about her future in the main DCU.

It seems unbelievable, but we are less one than a month away from the TV series debut and DC has still not announced plans for a new ongoing Supergirl book.

IGN took a shot at the Supergirl question in their interview with Jim Lee this week.

IGN: One last question. The Supergirl show is coming this Fall, but there’s no Supergirl comic book on the shelf. Are there any plans to bring Supergirl back with her own solo series?

Lee: We’d be remiss if we did not use that as an opportunity. If you look at all the shows, we’ve tried to do things that both tie in directly into the core mythology of the show itself. But a lot of times you see the best stories featuring, let’s say Green Arrow or The Flash, those are the ones which see the greatest lift when a show becomes a hit. I think you’ll see an interesting mix of Supergirl content come out, some of which will closely mirror what’s going on in the show, but there’s some of the great stories that we publish that we will put out.

I think it’s exciting to see one of the key franchises lifted and showcased and we have really high hopes for it.

Why yes, DC would be remiss to ignore this once in a lifetime opportunity. That’s why people have been asking for months what happened to her!

Lee’s answer is frustratingly vague and tepid, but what it comes down is that they’re waiting for the show to become a hit before relaunching the Supergirl book.

A stronger publisher would be actively promoting multiple Supergirl books to support the TV series right now. Solicitations for December are already out, which means retailers won’t have any Supergirl books on their shelves until at least January 2016. What are DC waiting for, Supergirl to show up on their doorstep?

CBS has been marketing the heck out of this show, and they’re doing a bang-up job of appealing to the female audience DC has been actively driving away for years. The publisher could be joining in on the Supergirl lovefest right now and putting Kara all over their books. Instead they’re playing a ‘wait-and-see’ game and not talking about any of the backlist content they’re re-releasing or that ‘interesting mix of Supergirl content’ that Lee promises, swear to god, they’re going to release.


I remain unimpressed with DC’s reluctance to support one of their most marketable properties.