Power Girl & Huntress New 52 Action Figures from DC Collectibles

Power Girl & Huntress Action Figure 2-Pack

This action figure two-pack was recently announced by DC Collectibles for release in July 2014. The figures come as a set for $44.95 USD. I’m really happy to see these two paired up again. It’s hard to believe, but these are the only figures of these two released together in their post-Crisis incarnations. The face sculpts and Power Girl’s hair look really great, at least as shown in these prototypes. You never know what the final production models will turn out like.

I’m a little sorry that we never got a Power Girl action figure in her New 52 redesign. The redesign had some interesting ideas, even if it wasn’t a complete success. I liked the pants with the wedge boots and the blue stripe. With DC reverting back to Power Girl’s boob-window leotard, there isn’t a whole lot to distinguish these figures visually from their pre-New 52 incarnations. I’d really love a matching set of their Earth 2 Supergirl and Robin versions to go with this set. Those are pretty unique.


“The Worlds’ Finest team of Earth 2 burst from the pages of their comic book series and onto your display case with these articulated action figures based on the designs from their monthly series.”

POWER GIRL – 6.75″
HUNTRESS – 6.75″

$44.95 US ยท On Sale July 2014

via DC Comics