Power Girl Enjoys a Hamburger, Hugs Supergirl in Japanese Phone App Stickers

Superman, Lois Lane, Supergirl, Power Girl, Superboy and Jimmy Olson virtual phone stickers

I couldn’t resist installing the LINE phone app (Japanese-created, South Korean-owned) for a chance to get these cute Superman family virtual stickers. It’s glimpse into what a Superfamily manga book might look like, if we’re ever that lucky. Here are the ones available for Power Girl:

Eating a hamburger!


Comin’ at you with fists of fury!

Kissing Jimmy Olson — whaaat?

Unimpressed with supervillain plot and/or the artist who drew her with poor bra support

“Please grant my wish!”
This one cracks me up – so manga!

Nope. Never gonna happen. Don’t even THINK of using this one! Power Girl doesn’t do coy.

You can view all 40 icons featuring Lois, Jimmy, Superman, Superboy and Supergirl at comicsare4women2. Or download the free messaging app LINE and purchase the set for $1.99 USD and use them as social media profile images.