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Review: “Ame-Comi Girls: Wonder Woman”

I’m not a fan of the “Ame-Comi” statues—they’re cute, but they too often cross the line into stripper-wear. They’re also far too expense for what are not actually...

Review: Supergirl #65

This was a super fun issue and a definite “buy it!” Setting Supergirl on a college campus worked better than I expected.

Review: Supergirl #56

I continue to enjoy the Bizarro story tremendously. It’s got bizarro humor, poignant moments between super cousins, giant space insects, and an exploding cubic planet only our hero can save!

Review: Supergirl #55

Supergirl #55 was a super fun time! Silver Age zaniness, lessons learned from a twisted version of Supergirl, movement on the Cat Grant front, X-ray vision used as intended, impulse issues, and a parting shot of Supergirl commandeering a spaceship to travel to Bizarro World.

Review: Supergirl #54

When Jimmy “Turtle Boy” Olson is doing a better job at heroing than the star, things are bad! Also, I want to give BizarroGirl a hug. But she’d probably hate that.