Review: Supergirl #56

I continue to enjoy the Bizarro story tremendously. It’s got bizarro humor, poignant moments between super cousins, giant space insects, and an exploding cubic planet only our hero can save!*

*Although she doesn’t seem to realize it.


The trip to Bizarro World gives Kara a chance to unpack all the feelings that BizarroGirl’s appearance has brought up. We know all this, but I enjoyed seeing Kara unburden herself to the unconscious BizarroGirl as she pilots the ship using that crazy unlabelled crystal technology that Kryptonians are so fond of. (I’m not entirely sure why Kara has gagged BizarroGirl again, though. Seems unnecessary.)

Metropolis is probably not the best place to hide out if you’re hoping to avoid crazy weird shit in the DC universe.

I really liked this page where Kara admits that she see herself reflected back in BizarroGirl, which is why she couldn’t let Dr. Light have her way with her. It’s more than just the parallel with Alura and Reactron. Her experience with her mother has made her less automatically trusting that the adults in her life will do “what’s best”. I’d like to see more DC heroes thinking critically about the treatment of prisoners before they hand them over to authorities.

On the other hand, I’m a little concerned that Kara has lost two of her role models, and both are the scientists.

Surprise! The bizarro knockout gas works on Supergirl too!

I love that Kara is willing to take on the defense of an entire planet all on her own. That’s the Supergirl I remember :) But she probably shouldn’t put too much faith in a Bizarro trial: I’ve seen their justice system in action :)

Heehee. Bubbles. Kara’s stoned.

Ahahahaha! “Bizarro me, watching your driving!” was my first laugh-out-loud moment.

Crash landing, bizarro style! Ohmygod ohmygod we’re all gonna diiiieee!

BizarroGirl is so happy to be back home. Aww :)

Naturally the fickle bizarros try to kill her. Poor BizarroGirl :( This is pretty typical behavior for bizarros, but also familiar territory for Kara, which is why she springs to BizarroGirl’s defense so fiercely. Yay!

BizarroGirl fangirling over BizarroLex because “Him am bald, and bald men am sexiest” cracks me up.

Annnnd…there goes BG’s other boot. It’s like Gates is writing this stuff for me :)

You just had to call down a big scary space bug that devours everyone, didn’t you Lex?

LOVE the creepy alien space insects. Very, very cool.

The reunion between the Bizarro cousins, and the parallel with Kara and Kal-El after the loss of their planet, was very poignant. Really tugged at my heartstrings. I really don’t want to see the same tragedy happen to Bizarro World.

I really like that BizarroGirl’s origin story is that Bizarro tried to create a “super-powered backup” and instead he gained a cousin to love. She’s so happy and excited to announce herself, like Silver Age Kara!

Bizarro’s love for his cousin – “For all her perfections, me hate her, so me decide to take her to Earth and live with public identities” – is even more touching because bizarros traditionally have had the same dysfunctional, antagonistic relationships as Silver Age Superman.

Kara is really, really cute in this panel :) Especially because she’s so sure she understands the rules of Bizarro World, and she doesn’t. It’s a mistake everyone makes.


That’s no ship, that’s the mother of all scary green space aliens. I would so love to see this two-page splash filmed, with some eerie 2001 music in the background as the camera pans up to reveal the true scale of the awakened alien “godship”.

After being thrown through the planet, Kara announces that she can’t do this on her own: she needs Superman help if she’s going to save the bizarros. Kara’s never said that before, and I’m pretty sure Superman won’t be making an appearance next issue – and not just because Superman isn’t making appearances in the other super family books during “Grounded”. Supergirl’s going to find that she can save this world, where she couldn’t save hers. She has to.


Cover: Another instant-classic by Amy Reeder Hadley. Yin and yang Supergirls grappling over a bright and shiny Metropolis juxtaposed against a decaying, crumbing Bizarro version of the same. This would make a beautiful entry in an artbook collection.

Interior art: phenomenal. Nei Ruffino isn’t back yet, I’m not sure why, but I’m very happy with the colours by “Blond” (I’m starting to notice colouring a bit more). Every panel has so much going on; I kept flipping through the pages during the review to try to pick out my favourites, and there’s just so many panels I love. The double-page splash is the big eyecatcher, the follow-up to the petrified Supergirl in last issue. But my favourite spread is actually pages 2 and 3. Then there’s the great scenes of Bizarro World, the giant alien insects, the ever changing emotions of BizarroGirl and Bizarro Superman, and Kara herself looking cuter than ever.