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Supergirl comments from NYCC, Day 2

Nick Spencer on what’s to come in SUPERGIRL, Dark Supergirl in JLA, and a Supergirl & Phantom Stranger issue of BRAVE AND THE BOLD.

Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle are leaving Supergirl

DC just announced some devastating news at NYCC: Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle are being replaced on SUPERGIRL. Because they, uh, hate good storytelling and a super family book they can be proud of?

Review: Wonder Woman #600

Wonder Woman #600 is awesome and a great buy. This thing is jam-packed. There are a ton of great ministories and an endless stream of amazing pin-ups (with...

Meet Amy Reeder, Supergirl’s new cover artist

I’ve always enjoyed reading the interviews with new artists on Supergirl, back when there was a revolving door of creative teams. The artists always seemed really enthusiastic about...