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DC Reboots Entire Universe in Bid to Win Modern Readers

DC is rebooting its universe and relaunching all titles with new #1 issues in September. They’re also rewriting origin stories, tweaking costumes, and changing up creative teams. Has DC lost their collective mind?

Sterling Gates Interview Looks Back On Supergirl Run

Sterling Gates on Supergirl: “I really tried hard to make the direction of that character about the hero’s journey, and about her maturing into that role, the ‘S’, the super S on her chest, and living up to that ideal. The touchstone that I always went back to is that she’s always striving so hard to be SUPER.”

Jamal Igle’s reason for leaving Supergirl

It makes all the difference in the world to know that Jamal Igle chose to leave the book. I’m still terribly sad about Jamal leaving, but knowing it was his choice is a relief (unfortunately it seems to have led to Sterling Gates being pushed off the book, which I’m sure was never expected).

Supergirl comments from NYCC, Day 2

Nick Spencer on what’s to come in SUPERGIRL, Dark Supergirl in JLA, and a Supergirl & Phantom Stranger issue of BRAVE AND THE BOLD.