SUPERGIRL (1984) Home Video Releases

Warner Archive Collection Blu-Ray

Available on Amazon

124-minute International Version (Blu-Ray, Disc 1)
Director’s Cut (included as an “extra” on DVD, Disc 2)
Release Date: July 24, 2018

Bonus features: Audio Commentary with Director Jeannot Szwarc and Special Project Consultant Scott Michael Bosco; U.S. trailer; “The Making of Supergirl” Featurette. The U.S. TV spots and foreign trailers are not included from the Anchor Bay release.

See the entry on Supergirl at for all the details of this long-awaited Blu-Ray release.

Warner Home Video

124-minute International Version (labelled “European” version by Warner)
Release Date: November 28, 2006

Bonus features: Theatrical Trailer and Audio Commentary by Director Jeannot Szwarc and Historian Scott Bosco (previously released on the Anchor Bay DVD).

Warner Bros. is the current rights holder for the Supergirl and Superman films. They re-released the Supergirl International Version on DVD in 2006. This is the only version currently in print on Region 1 DVD.

Anchor Bay Entertainment (Out of print)

Limited Edition DVD

Release Date: August 8, 2000 (50,000 copies)
Distributor: Anchor Bay Entertainment
2-disc package of the International Version and the Director’s Cut releases (listed below).

International Edition DVD

DVD - International Edition

Release date: August 8, 2000
Distributor: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Standalone release of the 124-minute International Version.

Bonus features: 16-page full color booklet; Audio Commentary with Director Jeannot Szwarc and Special Project Consultant Scott Michael Bosco; “The Making of Supergirl” Featurette; U.S. & Foreign Theatrical Trailers; U.S. TV Spots; Original Storyboards; Still & Poster Galleries; Talent Bios.

The original theatrical version of SUPERGIRL was released in North America for the first time in 2000 by Anchor Bay Entertainment. This 124-minute International Version had been released theatrically throughout the world except in the USA (and probably Canada), which received a heavily edited version that ran 114 minutes.

Director’s Cut DVD

DVD - Special Edition

Release Date: May 7, 2002
Distributor: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Standalone release of the 138-minute Director’s Cut. No bonus features.

Anchor Bay also released a previously unseen 138-minute Director’s Cut containing scenes and dialogue missing from the international version which further enhance the story. This is the longest cut known to exist (the original rough cut was 150 minutes), although no one knows exactly who created it, and the director had no knowledge of its existence. The elements for this cut were discovered by accident in a container labeled “Do Not Use”, and it was believed to be a cut intended for TV syndication, as some expletives have been dubbed or cut. (Source: Superman Cinema Interview with Scott M. Bosco [archival link])

Superman Cinema: Director’s Cut Analysis [archival link] breaks down what was left out in the international version and lists the very few lines that were cut or dubbed from the Director’s Cut. The IMDB SUPERGIRL Alternate Versions page lists details of scenes not included in even the director’s cut, presumably originating from the original rough cut. More information is available in Behind the Making of the SUPERGIRL DVD.